Banjo Taping Box

Economical tool designed to automatically apply joint tape to flat joint only and dispense the correct amount of joint compound under the tape simultaneously. The compound control knob adjusts coat thickness allowing for an accurate and consistent coat of bedding compound. Stainless steel gear wheels grip and dispense tape evenly, avoiding folds and wrinkles. High capacity, holding up to 2.5kg of the compound. Suited to joint tape rolls of up 150m. Easily disassembles with side clips for fast loading and cleaning.

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An economical taping tool that applies the compound and paper joint tape in just one step to wall and ceiling joins. The adjustable control knob allows for an accurate and consistent coat of compound under tape. The gears apply the tape evenly to the joint, avoiding folds or wrinkles. Holds over 2kg of the compound and disassembles fast for easy loading and cleaning.