Intex Giraffe® Dustless Drywall Power Sander

Multi-Directional Fully Flexible Sanding Head. The multi-position head adjusts to suit the sanding position, ensuring the sander head is always flush with the surface. This laminates surface gouging and provides maximum sanding efficiency. The head also features an extensive swiveling range, providing comprehensive coverage and ease of operation.

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Drywall Sander:
Industrial power sander designed to provide efficient and flawless sanding results for plasterboard walls and ceilings whilst extracting dust as it is generated.

Sander is also compatible with other industries with related surface applications, including cement sheets, concrete, or timber.

Its high-performance variable-speed motor is practically vibration-free and generates orbital disc speeds of 650 to 1600 RPM. The lightweight, perfectly balanced design significantly reduces fatigue and repetitive strain injury (RSI) effects.

Particularly during ceiling operations.

Sander features
Sander features a unique multi-directional sanding head.
Eliminating surface gouging and ensuring maximum sanding efficiency.
The long-reach design limits the need for stilts and scaffolding.