Intex Internal Corner Finisher x 90mm (3.5in)

Attaches to Corner Applicator Finishing Boxes or Compound Tubes distributes compound evenly in corners after the Roller Corner process, feathering both sides in one pass. Built TradeTuff® handmade with USA billet aluminium and steel components. Features precision set carbide blades and durable stainless steel wings. Spring-loaded action finished corners slightly over or under 90 degrees, 5-year warranty. Also used to wipe down excess compound after the tape is rolled into a corner.

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Distributes joint compound evenly in corners and smoothly feathers both sides in one pass. Spring action flexes for corners slightly over or under 90°. Blade design produces perfectly feathered angles. Clicks onto Corner Finisher Handle to wipe down excess compound after tape is rolled into corner. 75mm Finisher clicks onto Corner Box, Mud Runner or Compound Tube to apply second coat. Push button click – on design allows for speed and positive locking. “Easy Roll” adjustable angle head has adjustable spring tension on blades. Unique rubberized wheels on tool allow for movement with less effort.